The importance of add-ons

When an entrepreneur starts a new firm, she or he always focuses on the core product. It is nothing wrong. She or he should do that. The same situation with established businesses, they need to keep the core products and services running well. However, not many people pay attention to addons. It is the flavor for your delicious dish.

Vietnamese cuisine

I have been working in web hosting industry nearly a decade. I have seen more and more innovations here. Ksplice, Kernel Care and CloudLinux are few. Without those things, an admin can still create a complete web hosting service. That’s why I call them add-ons. Having those add-ons will make the admin life be easier, customers be more happy. It is win-win situation. The fact is that offering those software beside standard features makes your business better from the customer’s views, when it brings more benefits to users.

Recently, I read an interesting article about How to fix IBM. Cringely, in that blog post, wrote «There isn’t enough profit in PaaS for IBM to get a good return on its multi-billion dollar investment. IBM needs to provide additional things with its Cloud service — Services and Software as a Service (SaaS). To provide Cloud SaaS IBM needs to have software applications that the market needs». Now, I myself don’t have knowledge enough for judging a big shark likes IBM. However, Bob Cringely is a writer who has covered IBM for years, he should know what he is talking about. I don’t want to say it is right or wrong, but I just want to point out again about the additional things. They can be a game changer. And this time, it seems happen in a well established giant.

Remember I mentioned to flavor and dish above. I am a big fan of Master Chef series. How many times have you seen Gordon Ramsay shows his disappointment to a dish without seasoning enough? It can be the factor that keeps a good home cook stay with the chefs or go home. Don’t be a person like that. Keep your business strong with add-ons.

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