Simplifying innovation & entrepreneurship

Is innovation a big change?

I had a chat with a friend, Ebbe, few days ago. He told me a story about what his team did in Shanghai. The goal was pushing coffee revenue for a company there. How did they do?

At that time, online game was very popular in Shanghai and attracted many young people playing. Ebbe and his team chose that as a tool. They asked 50 people to join, and divided them to two separate groups. The first group still played the game as usual. The second group drank coffee when playing the game. After a week, they compared the results of two groups. The second group had a better score.

After publishing the result, the coffee sales volume increased double!

Innovation is not something big.
It is not something that is very strange. It is still a simple tic tac.

The purpose of innovation is improving the current situation. From that, bring more «profits». Simple!

For me, being an entrepreneur is the same thing. Don’t get me wrong, for becoming a successful entrepreneur is not easy. You will need to learn many things, both from theories and practical experiences. You might fail many many times before succeed. But why do I say it’s simple?

Everyone is an entrepreneur by born.

Being an entrepreneur means you will need to manage your life, your work yourself. Even your success business has big investors, you have many talents around, you still need to manage your daily works. And managing your life is inside your body, your head already. You only need to sharpen it by the time.

None of business is failed. Even a bankrupt company is still a success, from my view. You can learn a lot from that experience. I was fired once before, around the year of 2000. And I keep telling my employees about that story. I don’t see it’s a failure in my life. In fact, I need to say «thanks» to the boss. He taught me a good lesson. The whole point here is that entrepreneurs are born. It’s your choice to hone your skills through events in your life or not. So again, simple!

Sometimes, I see people overestimate innovation and entrepreneurship and ignore the simple things. By doing that, you are missing great chances around.

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