Hey! If you visit my website by accident 🙂 Or by searching for some keywords on the Internet, which means you might not know about me before. My name is Hung Pham, and below is a short introduction.

I am an Internet entrepreneur.

Have started two businesses in the Internet industry, since 2003. One company focuses on the infrastructure, providing managed hosting servers. Another one provides web development services, including optimizing and content management. Being an entrepreneur requires me to update my awareness every day. It’s giving me challenges but interesting. What am I doing today?

Thanks to the talented teams I have been working with, I am able to help hundreds of entrepreneurs, and SME owners build their stable infrastructure for their online businesses. Should you have a question, let me know!

I am an Aikidoka.

I have been practicing since late 200x. My main inspiration comes from my direct teachers Tor Anton Gaarder and Birger Sørensen at Sentrum Aikido Oslo. In 2014, I lived in Seishinkai Frankfurt, being an uchi-deshi of Thorsten Schoo sensei. He helped me build a solid background for my Aikido in the future.

When the pandemic happened, Oslo closed all the training centers for almost two years. Luckily, life comes back to normal, and we can practice now. At Sentrum Aikido, we are holding four training sessions a week. Come and have fun with us 🙂

I am a father.

In winter, my favorite time is going to ski and ice skating with my daughter. She is much better than me 🙂 I only tried snowboarding once a few years ago, and 2021 is the first year I am learning cross-country ski. And I keep falling when going downhill and walking uphill. When I watched my daughter going downhill, I told her that she should do this, should do that. Unfortunately, when I started myself, I immediately recognized that saying is always easier than doing :)) But the most important is that we have had fun together!

Free time

Fishing. This year, I am not fishing as much as the last year. Before, I only went to the sea for fishing mackerel in summer and tried seatrout in autumn and winter without any success. This year, I still got many mackerel and several pollack. Besides, starting to fish in lakes, and got two beautiful trouts. Might keep trying with trout in autumn when I have time.

Oslo sunset

My Canon 6D camera is still in the locker 🙂 But I am continuing to take photos with my iPhone 11. It’s pretty good for an amateur photographer like me. Here is an example. And above photo was taken from a fishing evening 🙂

What I am doing today

Recently, I have been building websites with WordPress. Back to 2000, I coded my own CMS. But since WordPress and its ecosystem growing up, it’s better for customers. Security is also another factor. It’s time-consuming for keeping the codebase up-to-date and checking all security holes. WordPress is backed by many white hat experts over the world. Anytime a security hole is found, a patch will be released quickly. That’s why I moved to WordPress.

Besides, still updating my knowledge of GTM and GA4. GA4 is still under development with new features. In case you don’t know about Google Analytics, in short, it is a service giving you statistics on your website. For optimizing SEO on-page, you should use GA as a tool for tracking the progress.

Keep contact

Do you have a question related to your online business? Building a new website, or upgrading your current one? Developing a content strategy for your websites? Or about data security in your office, and computers? Or want to chat about Aikido, photography, or fishing? Drop me a message, I am all on email.