My writing in 2015

writing pen

In progress 🙂

A part of me always likes writing. I don’t know when it’s starting because I almost hate it when I was in secondary school. Might be since I published an article about ubiquitous computing in a local magazine 16 years ago? I don’t remember.

I have sometimes written, in my old blog that disappeared already, in my companies’ blogs. But not much recently. However, when reading my friends’ blog about their thoughts in Aikido, about the country they live, I want to write again. While surfing the Internet, I also noted down interesting topics that I thought I could write about. So, as I mentioned, the topics list is growing.

Did I write something in 2015?

Definitely yes 🙂 The biggest writing that I consider successful was my Master thesis. I am happy that I could complete it on time. Some friends told me that I could delay it to the next semester, or just asked for two more weeks for completing. But I did not want to delay. And I think I was right. Pushing me under pressure helped to get it done. Two more weeks or another semester is just a reason for being lazy.

Some fun statistics.

I use Grammarly for checking grammar, typo issues when I am writing in English. It just sent me the statistics of what I wrote in 2015. Following that, if printing everything, it’s equal to Breakfast at Tiffany’s novel. Yup! That means I might also consider writing a book too 😀

Not that soon!!! I also made 1470 mistakes that Grammarly needed to fix me. Even my friends said my English has improved since I moved to Norway, it is still not very good 🙁

The year of 2016.

A new year is coming. As promised, I am writing more. I have broad topics such as entrepreneurship, effectuation framework, startup, Aikido, life, with a big list of details. And not only writing in Vietnamese, English; but also in Norwegian. Who helps me?!?!?! 🙂

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