Keywords in your content

What are keywords in your content?

A page should only write about one subject. In that subject, think how people can find out your page through a search engine (like Google, Bing). That are keywords.

How can keywords help?

When people search with Google, for example, they are actually searching in Google databases. Google takes those keywords, and find them in their databases. If there is an indexed page which contains those keywords, Google will list the page in the search result pages (SERPs or SERP).

How to choose keywords?

It’s not an easy job. But firstly, there are a few rules which you need to remember:
– don’t choose the same keywords in different pages. By using the same keywords, you are confusing Google.
– consider using long-tail keywords, instead of short terms.
relevancy of the keywords.


Once a customer contacts me. This customer has a mobile shop in Kristiansand, fixing broken mobiles. He has a website already, but not many people visit the site. He wants when people search «broken screen», his website should appear on the top of the SERPs.

There are more things which need to be done for his on-page SEO. But when considering the keywords, it’s nearly impossible to get his website to the first page in SERPs.

At that time, searching on Google with «broken screen» keyword, there are 2,350,000,000 results. That means he will need to fight with (2,350,000,000 – 7) other websites. Why number 7 appears there? Because nowadays, Google also pays attention to other factors, such as photos, videos, FAQs from others, etc.

Now, let’s change the keyword a bit. If searching with «fix broken screen«, there are 278,000,000 results. Comparing 278,000,000 and 2,350,000,000 – you see the difference, right!

How about more specific? Considering «fix broken screen in Kristiansand» keyword. There are «only» 269,000 results.

Now, considering the business is in Kristiansand, and focus on Norwegian customers with the fact that he is going to people’s homes, how about the keyword «fikse ødelagt skjerm i Kristiansand«. The results are 15,400.

So by choosing a long-tail keyword, instead of competing with 2,350,000,000 other web pages, he only has 15,400 competitors. He is on the way to his blue ocean. Again, that is still a big number, there are a lot to do. But you get my point.

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