Paid advertisement

When I started a business before, I was short of money. That’s why I used a lot of my time and effort to promote my business brand, tried not to use money in any paid advertisement. It’s OK for a while. But if you consider your time as money, you might think again. Using many hours yourself or starting paid advertisement campaigns?

It’s up to you, how you value your time! Customers are paying $100 per your working hour. You spend 2-3 hours every day for acquiring a customer. Then why not running a paid advertisement with a budget of $50 per day. The result can surprise you.

OK, now you say yes to paid advertisement campaigns. But which platform do you need? Nowadays, we have two popular options: Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Are they the same? If not, which one is better?

Paid advertisement Facebook Ads or Google Ads

In short: they are not the same. To choose which one depends on what you want to do with your paid advertisement campaigns.

Google Ads is useful when you want to target a small group of audiences, and you would like to get orders as soon as possible.
Facebook Ads is helping to bring your brands or products and services information to potential customers. Especially with the power of social media today.

Define your audiences

Unless you have unlimited money for spending, with either Google Ads or Facebook Ads, you would like to limit the scope of your audiences. By doing that, you have better target customer groups and can run more successful paid advertisement campaigns.

If you have written a business plan, you might have an idea about your target customers. If you haven’t thought about that, a tool such as Google Analytics can help. Install it to your website. After a while, you will see the demographics of your audiences, their interests, where they come from, etc. That is a good start.

For example, you define a target group which includes people:

  • are in the Oslo area.
  • are from 25-40 years old.
  • are interesting in reading books.

How Google Ads work

When people search something on Google, they are using search terms, which we now call keywords. Based on these keywords and the scope of your potential customers, Google will show your ads. So when using Google search, those people already have some ideas about what they are looking for, even in many times, they are using inaccurate keywords. If you define good keywords and scope of potential customers, there are good chances that you will get new orders soon through your paid ads.

How Facebook Ads work

You define targeting on Facebook like above. When people sign up on Facebook, they provide Facebook with some necessary information such as age, gender, language. When they are surfing, Facebook collects information about what they are watching, what they like on Facebook, etc. Combining those pieces of information, and comparing with your targeting definition, Facebook starts showing your paid ads to those lookalike audiences. If those people like your ads, they can even share on their network. Then their Facebook friends can know about your brands.

Which paid advertisement platform is better?

You can see from above that each platform focuses on different purposes. You can either combine them or use differently in particular phases of your business.

  • On the marketing side, Facebook Ads seems to be better. Considering to run long-term campaigns, it helps to bring your brands to more and more people, notably when you are in the earlier stage of a business or a new product.
  • On the sale side, especially in some selective campaigns, using Google Ads can help to get orders right away.

Now, as you can see, there is not a one-for-all paid advertisement platform. It can also cost you a lot of money, if you do wrongly. But don’t be afraid. Planning carefully, paid advertisement campaigns can save you a lot of time, while help to bring your brand to potential customers and you will get orders soon.

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