Since last month, I have spent one or two hours almost every day in Kaffebrenneriet. Enjoying a cup of espresso and reading Dagens Næringsliv. Today, when I entered Kaffebrenneriet, the manager said hi to me, with a smiling, and immediately asked “en dobbel espresso, sitter her?” She recognized me.

Suddenly I compared, what if I come to the cafe with some friends, and spend 500 – 600 kroner, and don’t come back for a while, would she remember me? Probably not. She knows me because I have come here almost every day, and only drink espresso.

It’s the same with what I am offering with my WordPress development business. I don’t charge customers once and leave them untouched for the whole year. What I am doing is charging much smaller amount expensive, but monthly. So, I can keep taking care their websites, let them know what I am doing with their sites, optimizing, securing, updating. We maintain contact by that way, and it usually leads to long-term relationships – a secure way for my business.

The same principle can apply to other fields in our life too. Yesterday, after training, Tor Anton, my favorite teacher in Sentrum Aikido, told me that I can remember or forget what I learn in classes, in seminars. But if I keep training frequently, all techniques, knowledge will come back to my body, and it is a natural way to improve my Aikido. I cannot achieve high ranking levels if just practicing once or twice per month, even each time can last few days. He encouraged me to grab a bokken and practice every day at home. Might be just 10 – 15 minutes, but every day. The same Antony Pinchbeck told me last week when he visited us in Oslo: … 10 minutes is enough, but keep doing that in every training session…

Or when I update my list-to-do for the daily work, I usually split a big job to multiple smaller tasks. It will be much easier to control the progress, and for me at least, it will give me good productive feeling when I see I could complete tasks at the end of the day. If I just have one big task on my list, it might be intact in few days, and it’s not good for starting a new day. When I wrote my Master thesis, I worked in 25 minutes, took 5 minutes break, then repeated that schedule. It helped me to complete the thesis on time.

Back to the time I have spent in Kaffebrenneriet. I believe that helps to improve my Norwegian skill too. I still need to work on that more, but reading every day absolutely helps me to remember the words, and suddenly it’s much easier for me to join the conversation with my Norwegian friends.

So, starting with small things, and it will help to achieve big goals. Sometimes it is just simple things, but we always forget 🙂 Enjoy the life with small, simple things. For me, now it’s time for going to the dojo 🙂

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