Kim Sinh

nghệ sĩ kim sinh

Có lẽ, khi đọc tiêu đề thì 9/10 người nghĩ rằng bài viết về ngũ hành, tương sinh tương khắc. Nhưng không phải. Bài viết này, tôi xin dành viếng tặng nghệ sĩ Kim Sinh, người đã từng xưng «ba», gọi tôi là «con», muốn tôi học ngón đàn của cụ, mà tôi không hoàn … Les mer

The first week in Frankfurt

frankfurt old houses

I have been in Frankfurt since one week. I haven’t gone to different places because it’s raining in the first few days, and I have been training during the week. But still the first feelings. Nice people. Aikido makes people happy. That is true. And when people are happy, they are opening to others. Aikidokas … Les mer

My writing in 2015

writing pen

I am writing. It’s in progress 🙂 A part of me always likes writing. I don’t know when it’s starting because I almost hate it when I was in secondary school. Might be since I published an article about ubiquitous computing in a local magazine? It was from 1997, might be! I have sometimes written, … Les mer

The importance of add-ons

When an entrepreneur starts a new firm, she or he always focuses on the core product. It is nothing wrong. She or he should do that. The same situation with established businesses, they need to keep the core products and services running well. However, not many people pay attention to addons. It is the flavor for … Les mer